World Sacred Spirit Festival


Pabuji Pad, Bhajan and Gheir dance

A Candlelight story tale


It is on the Phad, the “curtain”, on which the beautiful story of Pabu is narrated: a cotton canvas (rezi) carefully painted unfolds and is tightened on bamboos, with sixty-odd pictures forming a real comic narrating the feats of Pabu, the cattle keeper. ....MORE

Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė

kanklès harp


Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė, Lithuanian singer and kanklės player, harmoniously combines her native music roots with improvisations in other music styles. She is taking part in international music projects and collaborates with musicians ....MORE

Langa tradition

A tribute to the village of Barnawa


The village of Barnawa situated less than 100km away from Jodhpur is home to some of the most talented artists who carry the Langa tradition. ....MORE

Zainab Afilal

Andalusian Sufi Songs


The sacred poetry from Andalusia
From Ibn Arabi to Abu Madyan sufi poets
Now I am called the Shepherd of the desert gazelles
- Ibn AL Arabi ....MORE

Madan Gopal Singh - Chaaryaar

Spirit Songs and Tales


The group Chaar Yaar came into existence about twelve years ago. As the name suggests, it comprises four musicians – namely, the elderly composer, vocalist and poet Madan Gopal Singh; the ace guitarist and banjo player Deepak Castelino; the young and soulful sarod player Pritam Ghosal ....MORE

Langas and Manganiyar Children with Nawab Khan

Learning Music


An ever numerous constellation of castes (jati) such as the Manganiyar and the Langa, the Dholi (musicians who play a large double-headed drum called a dhol), the Charan (genealogical poets), the Jogi (singers of bhajans - devotional songs, and serpent charmers) ....MORE

Ariana Vafadari with Haroun Teboul on the ney

Songs and Poetry from Zarathoustra


Raga on the Lake


Ariana’s beautiful voice, between classical and traditional Persian music, majestically interprets ....MORE

Qawwali Party of Jodhpur: Shaukat Andaz, Bundu Khan Qawwali Group


Shaukat Andaz, Bundu Khan Qawwali Group are renowned Qawwals of Jodhpur and present a full concert of durbari qawwali (devotional ‘kalam’). ‘Qawwali’ is the process of singing ‘qoul’ (sayings of the Holy Prophet). Amir Khusro ....MORE

(Chiragh-e-Chisht : A Journey into Light)

(live audio visual performance)

France - Rajasthan

A Unique Sufi Experimental and immersive audiovisual experience with a Chishty Mehfil-e Samāʿ with The Shahi Qawwals from Ajmer Sharif & The Manganiyars ....MORE

Haroun Teboul on the ney and tambur


Haroun Teboul is an exceptional musician and singer with his knowledge of Ottoman Sufi music. Originally from Morocco, he was introduced to the sacred repertoire of the great tradition of Jalal Al Din Rumi. ....MORE

Haïg Sarikouyoumdjian Duduk Ensemble


The duduk, a traditional type of clarinet, reflecting the softness and majesty of the mountains, became one of the most famous musical instrument in the world in the nineties, mostly because of Peter Gabriel’s album “Passion”. ....MORE

Cuncordias & Elisa Marongiu

Songs from an Island

Sardinia – Italy

The tradition of Sardinia island is the oldest one in the Mediterranean Culture.The islands are a sanctuary for invaluable traditions. If we know Sardinia for its nuragic civilisation ....MORE

Langas and Manganiyar Children With Nawab Khan

Learning Music


The musicians and poets of Rajasthan carry in them one of the Indian subcontinent’s most dazzling traditions. Princely, charming, proud of their beauty and virtuosity, these musicians of the desert are blessed with the majesty of their environment – Rajasthan MORE

Arshad Ali Khan and Ojas Adhiya and Milind Tulankar

Songs of water and rivers from Bengal


Jaltarang (which means “waves in water”) is a percussion instrument ....MORE

Zewditou Yohannes

The Art of Azmari poetry and dance


An azmari is a singer, poet, bard, and dancer, all at once, comparable to the African griot or the Bhat people. An azmari may be male or female and is skilled at singing extemporised verses while playing either a masenqo (single-stringed fiddle) or krar (lyre). ....MORE

Imarhan Ensemble – Tamanrasset

Sand and Stars

Tuareg music Followed By

Imarhan Ensemble and Manganiyar tradition featuring singer Gazi Khan Manganiyar

From the Thar desert to the Sahara

India – Algeria

The earthen beauty of the Manganiyar songs, glistening like the emeralds of the palace and conjuring the harshness of the desert stones ....MORE

The Satara Langa tradition


The satârâ is a double flute with a mouthpiece and is made of wood of pastoral origin; it is also called pâva. ....MORE

Rhythm Divine 11

The River Runs Deep, Choreographed By Astad Deboo And Guru Seityaban Singh


Performed by the drummers of Shree Shree Nat Sankirtan and Astad Deboo ....MORE