World Sacred Spirit Festival


( Chiragh-e-Chisht : A Journey into Light )

(live audio visual performance)
France - Rajasthan

A Unique Sufi Experimental and immersive audiovisual experience with a Chishty Mehfil-e Samāʿ with The Shahi Qawwals from Ajmer Sharif & The Manganiyars.

Directed by French filmmakers Priscilla Telmon & Vincent Moon with the collaboration of CHISHTY FOUNDATION (AJMER ) & Priyanka Singh.

A unique filming trance experience with Qawwali and Sufi Manganiyar live music feeling of ectasy

Priscilla Telmon and Vincent Moon like to explore the boundaries between cinema, music, and expanded forms of modern rituals. Their vision moves between the realms of documentary creation, ethnographic research, and filmic experimentation.  In exploring the poetry at the heart of personal and collective rituals, they have undertaken filming expeditions to every continent to collaborate with hundreds of communities around the world.

Priscilla Telmon and Vincent Moon believe in a society where local practices are preserved and celebrated, while global identities are merging towards a higher level of consciousness.

They are working towards such an evolution by bringing people into new forms of relationships with art forms and the sacred and by diving into as many trance states as possible.

Their work is shared under a Creative Commons licence, making it available to everybody, acknowledging the fact that we are only bridges between spiritual and material realities and that we are in no way creating from scratch.