World Sacred Spirit Festival



“The colours of the grove and the voice of the birds
Will confer immortality
As we enter the garden
You and me.
The stars of heaven will come to look at us
We will show them the moon itself. ”

- Rumi, Persian mystic poet, The great book of wisdom

Musicians :

- Ashkan Kamangari: Vocal
- Sina Jahanabadi: Kamanche
- Hamaed Fakouri: Tar
- Farhad Safari: Daf Zarb

Shiraz mystic program is referring to Shiraz mystics and the milestones of them. What you see in this program is the mystical conversation of these elders in the language of music and poetry. In the poem of these mystics, there are a number of artifacts that form the basis of their thoughts. With the Iranian traditional music and the synthesis of poems, we try to express the common discourse of these elders.

The Persian music, in its ability to constantly regenerating itself, is a unique phenomenon in the East. More than to be loyal to a pure historical transmission, it gave priority to the genuineness of emotion, coming from its mystical heritage. Originally the traditional artist, beyond a purely aesthetic approach, was focusing on researching the inner truth of his art.

He knew how to keep aside any self-centered temptation, to only remain the mediator of a revelation.

The vocal technique of Ashkan Kamangari, between control and virulence, like the masters Mohammed Shadjarian or Sharam Nazeri, carries the quality of Persian singing style with a knightly heroism and determination.

This great art awake our imagination to the true reality of the ancient epic and warlike singing from the mountains, before taking us in this nostalgic depth of mystical wrench.

One needs to cross the line, which will allow the hâl, this breath of divine inspiration, to spread over the heart of the artist or the disciple. By avoiding the trap of a musical academism, the traditional Persian music is still alive nowadays and managed to cleverly cross the turmoil of the modern history of its country.

The Iranian music conveyed by a new generation of artists, stands today at the crossroads of a tradition which allows a personal interpretation placing also the musician as a full-fledged creator, according to our modern concept of art.


Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur - Rajasthan