World Sacred Spirit Festival



Capable of laughing and crying in the same moment, the klezmer clarinet accompanies Yom since his childhood. The Judaism that he inherited from his mother is of interest to him; there is a spiritual, mystic link, a need for search of the ancestors, which has nothing to do with geography. For Yom, the klezmer is the music of Ashkenazi enjoyments and pains, it’s a link between maternal Jewishness and instrumental inheritance of his clarinettist grandfather. If Yom aims to be Jewish, it is indeed only by music.

Yom invokes his ancestors (the Ashkenazi Jews of Transylvania) by playing to them in an extremely bare and poignant manner, with his music being inspired by Jewish prayers (Ose Shalom, prayer for peace, Eyli Ata, celebration, Kaddish, prayer for the dead, etc.) joined together by “improvised compositions” and minimalist and repetitive play modes that he has worked on for many years.

Yom will opt here for a meditative instrumental concert in a solo performance through which he will give the suggestion of being next to the angels. The clarinet will be a voice in itself with its melancholic, utopian or adventurous inflections in a parade of mental landscapes within a universe travelled, like in a dream. The clarinet will give the idea of estrangement, it will play contrasts of reverberations, whisper closeness, or even create film-like atmospheres of misty mist in which the shadows dissipate. The imagination of Yom is an imagination that needs space.

The tragic, the mystical, the spiritual, and the trance merge into this recital to attain a real celebration of life, in keeping with a multi-millennial tradition blended into a search for a unique modernity. Thanks to this singular musical language, Yom nurtures his vision for a universal human soul and becomes an exalted craftsman who strives to weave the links connecting music and spirituality.


Algoza Ensemble

Algoza Ensemble - Algoza is a double flute and it’s a very old wind instrument popular in Rajasthan, Gujrat and Pakistan. Algoza Ensemble is led by Habib Khan who is a senior and maestro, he will be accompanied by Shakur who is Habib's son and apprentice. They will play some sole full morning raga and melodies sacred music and also they will do a small collaboration with Yom.


Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur - Rajasthan