World Sacred Spirit Festival


Haïg Sarikouyoumdjian Duduk Ensemble

The duduk, a traditional type of clarinet, reflecting the softness and majesty of the mountains, became one of the most famous musical instrument in the world in the nineties, mostly because of Peter Gabriel’s album “Passion”.

A counterpart of this instrument also exists in Azerbaijan and Iranian Kurdistan. But it is mostly in Armenia that the duduk by its sound, touches our souls. Impossible to imagine Armenian music without the soft, lyrical, and sometimes sad and soulful sounds of this unique instrument. Probably no other instrument can so accurately and profoundly express the soul of the Armenian people: it represents singing mountains, crying greybeards, and laughing children.

Duduk is considered to be one of the oldest musical instruments in the world. At this point in time it can be encountered in different Caucasian countries, however, it is believed that theduduk has a purely Armenian origin. According to some deep studies, duduk appeared during the reign of Armenian King Tigran II The Great (95-55 BCE). In the V century, Armenian historian MovsesKhorenacy mentioned the musical instrument “tsiranapoh” (the original name of duduk) in his works, which are the oldest written reference of this musical instrument.

The original name “tsiranapoh” is translated as “a tube made from an apricot tree”.