World Sacred Spirit Festival


Telli Turnalar
Music from Anatolia

Gülay Hacer Toruk: vocals, percussions
Eléonore Fourniau: vocals, saz, hurdy-gurdy
Cangül Kanat: vocals, saz
Petra Nachtmanova: vocals, saz

This project was born amidst the shared love for the saz and the popular music traditions of Anatolia: the Aşık traditions and troubadour poets, who convey the sentiments and revolts of the people; and the Alevi traditions for whom the saz is a sacred instrument, the Uzun Hava – laments expressed in a free flowing rhythm, or furthermore, the dance tunes.

The ensemble comprising of four women musicians offers a feminine rendition of these Turkish and Kurdish songs without overshadowing the songs in the surrounding cultural spaces, owing itself to the portrait formed of the depth of the journey undertaken by each of these musicians.

They sing in the Aşık style, expressing themselves loud and strong, and fearlessly. The chords of the saz vibrate at the intensity of these poems just like their voices do. Each voice with its unique tone, takes its turn, whether in a solo rendition or as part of an architectural piece comprising polyphonic and subtle arrangements. Sometimes they all echo in unison carrying the words and sentiments to the expansive sky.

In this way, the ensemble looks to make the often-inaudible voices of women heard, with their sufferings ringing in several of these songs.

It is an interesting syncretism that takes place between two Europeans who have lived in Turkey and two musicians from Anatolia who have grown up in Europe. They come together in a common quest brought to life with openness, spontaneity, and generosity. They take their name from the grey cranes of Anatolia, that are symbols of migration and have an immense presence in the popular repertoire, be it sacred or profane.


Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur - Rajasthan