World Sacred Spirit Festival


Raitila featuring Jackson Scott
Songs of Nature and Love

Spain - Rajasthan

Raitila is mix of musicians from two well known communities, Manganiar and Langa. This project has been created to spread the folk music of Western Rajasthan.

Raitila’s music celebrates changing seasons, birth, life, nature and Sufism. The music has a deep connection with the lives of the people in Thar Desert of India. Raitila intends to maintain that connection of sand in its tunes, melodies and songs and their repertoire has been passed on to them through generations.

Jackson Scott – Is Spanish flamenco guitarist, singer and song writers. Born in Seville to British parents who left London for rural Spain in the 70’s, Jackson’s music is steeped in these differing cultures. Thus, his lyrics move smoothly between his two mother tongues. Flamenco flourishes embellish song-writing reminiscent of the late 60s’ kinks and of Syd Barrett, but with a more anarchic attitude. Unusual jazz-influenced chords crossover with the New Orleans/Rock ‘n’ Roll beats against a constant backdrop of rumbas and powerful Hispanic rhythms.

Last year Jackson and Raitila met at festival and did collaboration together and in 2019 they will be presenting the further development this musical partnership.


Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur - Rajasthan