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Cuncordias & Elisa Marongiu
Songs from an Island
Sardinia – Italy

The tradition of Sardinia island is the oldest one in the Mediterranean Culture.

The islands are a sanctuary for invaluable traditions. If we know Sardinia for its nuragic civilisation

(II and I millenniums BC), its pastoral culture also inherited an instrument from the Neolithic age (VI millennium BC onward), an instrument preceding the antique Egyptian arghul and the archaic Greek aulos: the launeddas. This flute consisting of three simple reed pipes requires a special kind of dexterity.

Orlando Mascia is one of the most renowned maestro sonneurs of Sardinia and his art is not limited

to the launeddas. Inspired by nature, recreating the sublime atmosphere of the mountains through the profane or religious texts originating from shamanic rites, the Sardinian songs illustrate a breath of life through the festive rituals: marriages, balls, or religious services.