World Sacred Spirit Festival


For You, Lord, For You
Cédric Dupire, Gaspard Kuentz
France, 2017, 92 min

Starring: Chandra Nath Bala, Laxmi Panwar, Lacha Nath Rathor, and the Kalbeliya community of Jodhpur

Production: Studio Shaiprod

Standing in the middle of the desert, Panchwa’s solemn temple is reminiscent of a lost raft drifting at sea.

Once a year it is accosted by crowds of Rajasthan’s Kalbeliya gypsies. They travel here to celebrate their hero, the King of Panchwa, buried at this location.

An emblematic figure of their style of living, he will incarnate himself within their bodies over the course of nine days, to cure or reward them, to punish them or to chase away ghosts. For You, Lord, For You is an immersion into the heart of this event, a festival fueled with blood, flesh and flames.