World Sacred Spirit Festival


Meera Bai- A Mystic Love Story
A musical creation


I constantly rise up, go to God’s
temple, and dance, snapping my
I don’t follow the norms as an oldest
daughter-in-law, I have thrown
away the veil.
I have taken refuge with the great
guru, and snapped my fingers at
the consequences.

It’s in the heart of Rajasthan, in the entrenchment of fortresses perched on top of steep hills, between precious stones and semi-desert plains whose solar area is mirrored through the mashrabiya, that Meera, the young princess of Mewar Kingdom was born in the early sixteenth century.

She would make Lord Krishna the bridegroom of her soul.

Swallowed up by this ecstatic passion, she would become a queen poetess, the master of the spiritual path of Bhakti, leading to jubilant liberation through divine devotion that involves renunciation of the world. Meera would herself become Radha in a love game personifying an individual soul’s search for union with God.

During this show, we will discover various poetic expressions attributed to Meera and transmitted over centuries by different castes (jat) of poets and nomads of Rajasthan, who, through the bhajan – the art of praise – extend this absolute quest to the deity.

This show would also like to be a tribute to feminine artistic creativity marked by the elegance and imagination of a gesture or a word. Thus, the artists’ expressions traversing various other mountains and spiritual landscapes will be mixed with the Rajasthani traditions.


Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur - Rajasthan