World Sacred Spirit Festival


Arshad Ali Khan and Ojas Adhiya and Milind Tulankar
Songs of water and rivers from Bengal

Raga on the Lake

Jaltarang (which means “waves in water”) is a percussion instrument consisting of a series of fifteen to twenty fine ceramic bowls placed in a circular arc in front of the musician who successively strikes the

edges using fine sticks – like in the santur. Each bowl is filled with a specific volume of water to reach the right pitch of the notes chosen to play a certain raga.

This original instrument with a crystal clear sound, nearly forgotten in today’s times, is mentioned in an ancient medieval treatise and influences the north (Hindustani music) as much

as the South (Carnatic music), the two sides of Indian art music.

Arshad Ali Khan, is a voice that appears to belong to a long-time experienced singer. That talks about the maturity that this young singer has already demonstrated, a prodigal child from a long lineage of singers and sarangi players of the Kirana gharana. A golden voice with a fine and blooming texture and the solidity of a rock. Along with the depth and fullness of his voice is the precision of taan at an astonishing speed, poignant intonation, in-depth knowledge of the ragas, and the perfect balance in their rendition. Arshad Ali Khan with his consumed art and magic gives us a masterful lesson in the khyal genre of singing.