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Imarhan Ensemble – Tamanrasset
Sand and Stars
Tuareg music Followed By
Imarhan Ensemble and Manganiyar tradition featuring singer Gazi Khan Manganiyar
From the Thar desert to the Sahara
India – Algeria

The earthen beauty of the Manganiyar songs, glistening like the emeralds of the palace and conjuring the harshness of the desert stones, is masterfully personified by Gazi Khan, the great singer from Barmer.

Oscillating between the masculine and feminine of a sensitive and imaginative poetry, he embodies the sophisticated desert poetry like nobody can.

Uncovered particularly by the film Latcho Drom by Tony Gatlif in the 90’s, Gazi Khan Manganiyar would encounter

the expression of the Saharan Tuareg people.

Tuareg people (Imuhagh in Berber language) are essentially nomadic Amazirg people living throughout the Saharan desert in North Africa. They dwell in Niger, Mali, Algeria, Libya, and Burkina Faso. The most symbolic instrument is the imzad, the single-string violin. The imzad is made from calabash (a Cucurbitaceae plant close to gourd) or wood and covered by an animal skin; the string and the bow are made from horsehair. It is generally played by women while accompanying Asak songs; considering that the Tuareg society was originally a matriachal society.

Today, Tuareg music has also transformed into traditional music played by electric guitars and mixed with Blues and Rock, following the eighties, the Malian band Tinariwen.