World Sacred Spirit Festival


Barkat and Jalal Khan

Barkat Khan and Jalal Khan both are real brothers and come from Manganiar community of folk musician of western Rajasthan. They are from village Lanva near Pokaran, Jaisalmer. Traditionally Manganiar have Rajput as patrons but Barkat and Jalal are musician for Brahmins and because of the Brahmin connection they are involved more in devotional and sacred music.

Both are considered as one of best Manganiar Bhajan singers in Rajasthan.

They use instruments like Tandura, Harmonium , Dholak and Manjira in their performance and sing poetry and songs of Kabir, Meera, Dabu, Surdas and many other Indian poets.


Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur - Rajasthan