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Lautaro Tissera Favaloro
Classical guitar

The popular classical guitar played and known rather as a solo instrument with uncountable possibilities of expression is explored by various music styles in the world. A very old instrument whose origins go back to the oldest Antiquity (the word guitar might have resulted from the Persian word kitar), the guitar developed over centuries with forms and dimensions ceaselessly evolving from the Renaissance to the

Baroque to the modern classical guitar, the latter being created by Antonio de Torres, a Spanish stringed-instrument maker from the XIXth century, which now remains the current standard.

In Latin American countries, in the XXth century, while the wealthy people, descendants of Spanish or Portuguese conquerors, tasted an elitist music, the general population preferred music produced in the folk style. From these social and cultural inequalities, emerged the rich and sophisticated music styles that some creative composers such as Villa-Lobos, Manuel Ponce or Julian Carillo know how to direct with talent. In Argentina, Alberto Williams propelled the musical revival. He was followed by Carlos Lopez Buchardo and Carlos Paz to whom we owe the introduction of a more contemporary spirit in the field of musical research in Argentina.

Lautaro Tissera Favaloro belongs to a new generation of guitarists, performers, and composers of Argentinian music. The guitarist's concert captures the urban rhythms of the city of Buenos Aires in his musical expressions that give life to different forms of Argentinian dance such as Tango, Milongas, Waltz, Zamba, Carnvalito, and Gato. Argentina has produced many guitarist maestros‚ equally notable for their performance in European as well as Argentinian music; the guitar being associated with Tango from the very beginning. Argentinian music with pervasive‚ infectious rhythms that characterize South American music often give way to illustrative ‘out of tempo’ expressiveness‚ rarely lapsing into sentimentality.


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