World Sacred Spirit Festival


Ariana Vafadari with Haroun Teboul on the ney
Songs and Poetry from Zarathoustra
Raga on the Lake

Ariana Vafadari, Vocals
Haroun Teboul,   Oud, Ney, Tanbur with bow, vocals
Leïla Soldevila,  Bass

Ariana’s beautiful voice, between classical and traditional Persian music, majestically interprets, a unique poetic and mystical repertory of the historical prophet, Zarathustra.

The Gathas are the prayers of Zoroastrianism, the monotheistic religion of Ancient Persia. These poems from philosopher and prophet Zarathustra date from about 3700 years. They are surprisingly modern, expressing the life, doubts and choices of a man. As there are no records of the way they were sung originnally, Franco-Iranian Ariana Vafadari composed every song according to radifs or oriental scales. It results in music that constantly vibrates between its Oriental mystic foundations and their matching Western opera. Ariana Vafadari and her musicians have a common trait, they unremittingly stretch musical boundaries. In perfect continuity with their cultural and musical backgrounds, they were trained by traditional Iranian, Ottoman and Moroccan music, jazz, Western classical music or opera, in their improvisations and the practice of their instruments, they travel freely from one world to the next.